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Madhu Gupta

was born in a small town Hissar, near New Delhi, India. Her family was 100% vegetarian and wouldn't even go to restaurants as even onions were not allowed to eat. As a result, she would cook at home various dishes. Her father studied from St. Stephens College (Delhi) in 1935. He stayed in hostel. From there his cooking started. He would tell her about new dishes without onion. At that time guests would frequently come and she would have to make lots of variety in little time. So she specialized in easy cooking. After marriage she came to Delhi. There she became the Chef of her house. After her daughter got married and sons went to study she had ample time. She thought of sharing her expertise and that's how the classes got conceived.

She is a housewife turned into a professional cook. She is a masters all variety of cooking like Mughlai, Chinese, Mexican, cakes Ice-cream etc. She started her classes in year 2000. Her family supported her. Her students love her way of cooking, as it is easy, tasty and all the ingredients are easily available at home. You don’t have to shop before cooking. The girls come to her who have never gone to the kitchen. When they cook and the expression of satisfaction and as they have achieved something great acts like a tonic to her.

 You can reach her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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